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Doing it the professional way

Security threats are becoming increasingly complex. Investing in security has become mandatory for any individual or organisation to significantly reduce vulnerability to crime in South Africa. 

PROSEC GUARDS offers a professional security service to safeguard the lives and assets of our valued clients.

Armed Escorts
Mobile Cable Patrol
K9 Guarding
Alarm Monitoring
Events & Activations
Access Control

Your Trusted Security Partner

PROSEC GUARDS is a security services company established in Cape Town in 2001 to provide professional security solutions to the public and private sector in South Africa. 

At PROSEC GUARDS we pride ourselves in being one of the few professional BB-BEE Qualifying Small Enterprises operating in the Western Cape, with 400 security officers and other resources and assets to service clients nationally.

If you value Safety, Trust, Accountability, Passion and Innovation, choose PROSEC GUARDS to be your trusted choice for all your security needs.

Skilled Security Professionals

Each vetted officer assigned to your site is trained to fulfil a special role based on our knowledge of the site’s security system, vulnerable areas and vital points.

Before being recruited, our security personnel undergo thorough testing and screening.  

We strictly only employ PSIRA registered officers who have received SASSETA accredited training and SAPS security clearance. 

This provides our clients with peace of mind, knowing their key assets are protected by qualified and vetted security professionals. 

Trusted by leading government & civil institutions